Our Fall/Winter Sale – September 26th and 27th

Registration Opens August 1st

Drop off times are Wednesday, September 24th from 4-9PM and Thursday, September 25th from 8-10 AM.

Public Sales Friday, September 26th 8A-6P and Saturday, September 27th 9A-11:30A. Our doors close at 11:30 to prepare for 1/2 off sale.

Half price  Saturday, September 27th from 12:00-4:00.

Pick up Sunday, September 28th from 3P-5P

Sign up to volunteer!
No participation fee, shop before pre-sale, 3 hour shifts available

Volunteer sale begins at 6P on Thursday, September 25th. This is for anyone who has volunteered for 3 hours or more. You can NOT bring a guest.
Consignor sale begins at 7P on Thursday, September 25th. This is for all our consignors and you are allowed to bring one person with you.

Click Here for Consignor Agreement


1)  Your consignor number will be your initials (first and last only) and the last 4 digits of your telephone number,ex:

Wendy Paszek 516-7713-WP7713

2) Click on the above link to get registered and to volunteer. Registration opens August 1st.

3) The barcoded tags are mandatory. You can use the above link to create your barcoded tags.

4) After all tagging is done, sort your clothes by gender and size to bring to drop off.  This makes it easier for us to put the items out at drop off.

5) Come to either of the above listed drop off times with your signed consignor agreement (link is listed above) and your items.

6) Please use the following link to print out a flyer to hang at your job or church.  YOU are our best advertisement!  The better the advertising, the better your items sell!!!


Please use the link above to volunteer! The times are in 3 hour increments.


Just a few things you need to know about our sale before you shop:

We accept cash or check only

We do NOT have fitting rooms so please bring a tape measure, an article of clothing such as pants or skirt you can compare to.

We reserve the right to have you open all purses and bags upon entering the sale and leaving the sale.

All strollers coming in to the sale will be tagged.

We do close our doors on half price day at 1130 and reopen them at 12 for the half price sale.

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